About Us


Prince Fried Chicken is much more than just an eating place. This is a place where we serve best chicken delicacies with passion and give you a chance to bond with your friends and family while enjoying these yummy dishes.

Located in Ewing Township & Hamilton NJ, Prince Fried Chicken is our gift to the locals. If you love chicken, then living without fried chicken is tasteless. To make your meal satisfying, we have come up with a variety of chicken dishes which include chicken wraps, chicken sandwiches, chicken fries, chicken wings, chicken burgers and more.

Our crispy, crunchy and juicy chicken delicacies define chicken dishes in a completely new way. Come and let us serve you with our best fried chicken options.

Our Food

At Prince Fried chicken, you can't resist falling for the amazing flavors and variety of options. How can anyone not love chicken anyways? We have got a lot more than just chicken on our platter. Our outlets in Trenton and Ewing are decent locations to gorge on the delicious serving prepared by our staff.

Order Wings Buckets online

Wings Buckets

If you are huge fan of Buffalo wings, you should definitely try these combos and have loads of it on your plate. There are countless deals and packages of chicken dishes to enjoy with your dear ones.

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Prepared with Italian or pita bread, we have got a variety of cheese steaks, Chicken and fish sandwiches to pick from. You just cannot have enough of these.

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Sea food

Though we are a big fan of chicken and chicken wings, seafood is also part of our menu. The delicious juices of the fish and shrimp served with fries is unbeatable.

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To enjoy with the main course, you got to have some side dishes; so we have a collection of side dishes including fries, biscuits, beverages and desserts.